Aromabuds and Blossoms

Essential Oil Tips for Social Workers & Counselors

This course is for caring professionals such as Social Workers and Counselors, seeking ways to manage their own negative stress, as well as provide some additional emotional support to their clients.

It is also well suited for beginners who are interested in using essential oils for personal use with everyday health challenges whether it's managing emotions like depression, anxiety, grief, finding relief from pain, or addressing skin issues.

By the time you complete this class, you'll be ready to utilize essential oils right away! You might even find yourself becoming a proficient user in no time! But for now, take the first step by registering for this cliff notes course. It's designed for busy professionals like you, to kick-start your journey in understanding and using essential oils in a simple, safe, and effective manner!

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    Danyielle Nelson, LMSW, CA

    I am a Certified Aromatherapist and licensed Social Worker. I have combined my passion for both to bring simple, safe, and effective use of essential oils into your home and share with those you care about and perhaps clients you serve.